I'm having issues with the ScienceDirect database.

Answered By: Erin Weber
Last Updated: Oct 10, 2019     Views: 40

ScienceDirect requires a few more clicks than most of our databases. Follow these directions and the screenshots below, and chat or text us if you need more help!

  1. Click on the title of the article 
  2. Click "Get Access" in the upper left-center of your screen (you may also see "Download PDF")
  3. Select Download PDF (or "Download this article")
  4. Click Continue to accept the terms and conditions 
  5. You have arrived at your article!


Step 1 (This first step may or may not appear, depending on if you are off-campus or go directly through the ScienceDirect database. If this isn't the first screen you see, proceed to step 2):

Science Direct step 1 - click title of the article


Step 2:

ScienceDirect step 2 - click Get Access


Step 3:

Science Direct Step 3 - Download PDF


Step 4:

ScienceDirect step 4 - Continue to accept terms


Step 5:Science Direct step 5 - the article will open

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