What are peer reviewed articles? How do I find them?

Answered By: Erin Weber
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You can find peer reviewed articles in the library's PML Search. After you search, select "Peer Reviewed" under "Limit To" on the left side of your screen. 

Ask a librarian to recommend a specific database to help you find peer reviewed articles in your field.

Your professor may ask you to include peer reviewed articles (sometimes called scholarly or refereed) in your research. 

Peer review is a way to ensure the quality of articles. A scientist or researcher submits an article to a journal, then other experts in that field review the article for accuracy, usefulness, procedure, ethical standards, citations, and overall quality to make sure the article is the best it can be. 


Peer reviewed articles usually include:

  • References and citations to other articles
  • Different sections including abstract, introduction, methodology, discussion, and conclusion
  • Author is an expert in their field
  • Includes some jargon and technical language
  • Audience is other scholars, researchers, and college students
  • Looks plain, may include some charts, graphs, and tables

Note: Not all items in a peer reviewed journal are actually reviewed. Journals sometimes include things like letters to the editor and reviews that are not peer reviewed. If you ever need more help on understanding or finding peer review, chat or text us for clarification!


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